Forestals Computer Store chips in as well

It’s hard not to care for the elderly, as they made the country what it is today. We have them to thank for all we have. And more selfishly, we are going to be like them one day. And then we need someone to care for us as well. So we best not play with karma and fulfil our duty. Luckily, many companies understand this. One of them is the Forestal Computer Store. It’s a funny story how they got to us. The father in law of one of the owners, Leonard, lives in an elderly home that gets computer lessons from Gratis Gokken Inc. However, the man was always complaining about the poor quality of the computers. Leonard stepped right up when he heard about it and offered him a computer. The next time he saw his father in law, the man was super happy and told him that all of his peers would like a computer like that as well.


Leonard did his homework

When owning a store called Forestals Computer Store and being called Leonard Forestals, you cannot simply donate computers without caring about it. So Leonard did his homework. Well, to be honest, he is pretty knowledgeable so it wasn`t exactly work. Soon enough he learned that there was a special computer on the market for the elderly. This is the Asus Chromebook Flip. It’s not only affordable, but also very easy to use. They respond to voice commands and are not likely to get viruses. As you can see, nothing but benefits. However, the problem was that Leonard doesn’t sell Chromebooks in his store, nor in his webstore.

A big donation

That’s why he decided it was time to buy these computers as a merchant and donate them to his father in laws classmates. But that wasn’t enough for this generous business man. He contacted Buerger Fuer Buerger and asked what more he could do. The first thing he offered was to become a sponsor. And so he did, soon enough he sponsored all the classes we teach by giving all the students their own Chromebook. As we keep adding classes, Leonard keeps sponsoring. It’s incredible to see how much the older people light up when they see these gifts.

Priceless moments

Forestals Computer Store has since caused many priceless moments. One of them being an 85-year-old woman who finally learned how to use Skype and got to see her great granddaughter for the first time through this app. Her granddaughter lives abroad, which is why she is not able to stop by and visit. Another person was put in quarantine because of her low immunity and lit up when she finally got to see her friends from the elderly home again. Even if it was only through a screen. It does take away the loneliness and it shows that it is worth the effort.

A word of thanks

We see these elderly people every day and it makes us happy to see the positive impact that the donation has had on them. That is why we want to give a special thanks to Leonard for his generosity. It is not often that someone so selflessly donates without promoting it. That shows that the owner of Forestals Computer Store really has his heart in the right place.