Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer with Buerger fuer Buerger has several steps but is ultimately a straightforward process. The first step is to read the manual. This is a straightforward PDF that focuses on the basics of helping senior citizens with their lives. It gives an overview of some of the common problems that impact people as they grow older. Potential volunteers will learn about how these problems and disabilities impact people’s ability to perform the tasks that are an essential part of everyday life. It will teach volunteers how to provide assistance to elderly individuals while allowing those senior citizens to maintain as much of their independence as possible.

While the goal of Buerger fuer Buerger is to provide a helping hand, it is important that volunteers allow these individuals to maintain their dignity as well. Learning how to properly volunteer with Buerger fuer Buerger is an essential part of the job. The next step in the application process is to choose a specialty.

Every volunteer has different skills. Some volunteers prefer to act as a friend or companion to elderly citizens who need a friend. These people often get lonely when their loved ones do not visit as often as they used to. Some volunteers prefer physical labor and specialize in performing yard work such as mowing or weeding. Other people might find a passion in housekeeping and help to maintain the interior and keep the living space clean. Some budding chefs would prefer to cook meals for the senior citizens who have lost the dexterity needed to cook. People who enjoy animals can help the elderly take care of their pets. After a specialty has been chosen, there are numerous locations that volunteers can choose from.

Many elderly citizens prefer to live at home for as long as possible. Therefore, volunteers often make home visits to elderly citizens who need assistance in their home. Other volunteers will travel to community centers where people often live in assisted living communities. These are a great way to help a group of elderly citizens at once.

Finally, there are even public centers that provide care for elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves. Buerger fuer Buerger is an integral part of public settings as well. Once this information has been collected, potential volunteers will participate in a workshop to gain some hands-on experience and training as a volunteer. There are local workshops that people can attend in person as well as electronic workshops for people who cannot travel to a physical location. At this workshop, people will receive a practical course on the essential parts of becoming a high-quality volunteer. Volunteers will receive the skills necessary to ensure that every senior citizen is appreciative of the volunteer’s efforts. Once the volunteer has been trained, there is some paperwork that will be filled out to ensure that every volunteer meets the eligibility requirements at Buerger fuer Buerger.

The organization has standards that the volunteers must meet and the paperwork gives senior citizens that opportunity to learn about the volunteers who will be spending time in their homes. This is an important part of the application process that ensures that the quality standards of Buerger fuer Buerger are maintained. Once this paperwork is completed, the potential volunteers will actually apply. This simply is the step of submitting the paperwork to the Buerger fuer Buerger organization. Every application will be reviewed with the same attention to detail and volunteers will be notified of the decision of the Buerger fuer Buerger committee. This process could take some time and therefore it is important that every volunteer remains patient as the applications are reviewed.