Application Process

One of the most commonly asked questions is about the application process. Since Buerger fuer Buerger is a volunteer organization, why do people have to apply? Isn’t this different from a paying job? While this statement is true, this doesn’t mean that Buerger fuer Buerger allows everyone to volunteer. These volunteer positions are popular and require a certain skill set because the senior citizens have come to expect a certain level of proficiency and professionalism from the volunteers that Buerger fuer Buerger provides.

The application process gives Buerger fuer Buerger an opportunity to see which volunteers fit best for which position. Some volunteers are better suited for yard work because they have the physical capabilities to perform these tasks efficiently. Other volunteers have extensive experience in the kitchen and therefore would be better suited to help elderly citizens prepare their meals and maintain cleanliness in their living spaces. Some volunteers have demonstrated exceptional people skills and serve well as a companion to senior citizens who might be lonely.

The application process gives Buerger fuer Buerger the ability to effectively sort the applications and decide who might be best for certain areas. Of course, the application process is also in place to ensure the safety of the senior citizens and the volunteers. This is an important step that should not be overlooked. In addition, the application process gives the senior citizens to meet the volunteers that they might be matched with. Everyone has a different personality, including the senior citizens and the volunteers. The application process gives the senior citizens an opportunity to get to know their potential volunteers a little better. In this manner, senior citizens and volunteers are matched together in a format that ensures that personalities mesh well. After all, the senior citizens are welcoming the volunteers into their home.

Therefore, it is essential that the volunteer and the senior citizen get along well. The application process is a vital part of ensuring that the human connection remains strong. As volunteers get to know the senior citizens better, strong friendships are often formed that become an essential part of the senior citizen’s everyday life. In fact, many senior citizens look forward to having the volunteer come and visit because it might be their only human interaction of the day. Because of the importance of this visit, it is vital that Buerger fuer Buerger ensures that the senior citizens and volunteer are matched together in a way that maximizes the potential for a lasting relationship.