Helping the Elderly

The elderly people who have dedicated their lives in the service of society deserve the assistance of people desiring to return the favor. Buerger fuer Buerger is a non-profit organization that strives to do just that. They are also in collaboration with a lot of communities who provide accurate and up to date Forex news all day round. This is a compassionate organization that helps senior citizens perform the numerous tasks that they are simply unable to perform on their own. As people get older, they frequently lose the physical capabilities to perform the activities of daily living. These include cleaning up their house, mowing the grass, removing weeds, and even cooking.

The inability for elderly people to form these essential activities of daily living often push people to seek care from an assisted living center or non-profit organization such as Buerger fuer Buerger. As people age, their hands might begin to shake due to arthritis. This makes it challenging to perform delicate tasks. Dusting around fragile items, cleaning up valuable dishes, and reaching up into tight spaces often become a challenge for elderly people. Without the ability to remain steady as they once could during their younger years, elderly people will struggle to perform these tasks. In addition, many people consider the ability to mow the grass an essential part of owning a house.

Anyone who had to perform chores as a teenager knows that mowing the grass can be a physically taxing job, especially during the heat of the summer months. Elderly people simply lose muscle strength as they age and frequently aren’t able to care for their own yard anymore. For people that don’t have the financial capabilities to hire someone to perform these tasks for them, it can be a great help for volunteers to help handle the task of mowing the grass. Furthermore, taking care of a yard includes removing the weeds as well.

Everyone knows an elderly individual who struggles with back pain. This pain only gets worse when they bend over to pick something up or remove a weed. As people age and their back pain worsens, they are unable to bend over effectively to remove a weed. The pain is simply too much and the weeds can get out of control. This is where a non-profit organization can help. These are all problems associated with the essential activities of daily living and develop for numerous reasons; however, it would be naïve to think that every senior citizen has the same problems. The degree to which these problems affect people all depend on their individual physical capability. Some patients with chronic diseases that impact their heart of lungs might struggle to perform simple household chores, such as cooking and laundry, on their own. Other elderly people have problems such as arthritis that limit their ability to write but can perform other household chores well.

For other senior citizens, their problems might rest with their eyesight or hearing capabilities. An inability to see might make it difficult to ensure they are taking the proper dosages of their medications. This can lead to a source of danger due to medication overdoses or under-dosing other medications. The inability to hear could mean that they might struggle to hear an alarm clock go off or hear a visitor ring the doorbell.

For other senior citizens, their problems might be in failing mental faculties. They could struggle to pay bills, remember which pills they have taken, or recognize the faces of loved ones. With a wide variety of problems impacting the elderly, it is important that the community has a strong base of volunteers that can help these senior citizens manage the problems that impact people in their old age. This is where Buerger fuer Buerger comes in. For people that are interested in helping the elderly, this is the organization that helps make this wishes a reality.

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